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Sri Lankan. Original . English. Music.

Over the past three years, we have seen the genesis of something new. Something exciting. Out of nowhere, a plethora of young musicians have emerged , playing their own music and singing their own songs. Every kind of music imaginable. Rock. Rap. R&B. Ragga. In complete contrast to most of their musical predecessors who for one reason or another chose to solely do cover versions of mainstream pop music hits. What you are seeing is a backlash against this blandness. What you are seeing is young people who have the dream of writing , recording and performing their own music - whatever the cost to themselves.

To make an impact on the musical consciousness of a nation is not an easy task . By releasing a compilation together, the bands on this compilation have chosen to unite their talents to achieve a common goal ; to inspire more bands to get out there and do your own thing. This is a tale of one night gigs with no soundchecks ; of long hours in recording studios trying to hit that perfect mix ; of missing DAT’s, and flashes of hope . This is the sound of the underground coming to a radio station , a television screen, a stage near you . Watch out. This is the sound of the future. This is the sound of the Colombo Tribe.

Executive Producer : Afdhel Aziz Assistant Producer: Asif Ansar

Individual copyrights apply to each band and anyone infringing these rights will be pursued. This CD is not intended for commercial release and is for radio airplay only. Copyright 1997 . Bloodbrother Records.

For more information contact Bloodbrother Records on 00 44 171 837 8888 ext.2910(afdhel aziz) or Tariq on 575975 or email “a.m.aziz@lse.ac.uk” / “trax@sri.lanka.net”

Track Listing

Lions and Tigers - Brown Boogie Nation Grammys and Oscars - Brown Boogie Nation Colombo (And it’s All Good) - Brown Boogie Nation Freestylee - Rude Boy Republic Underground Sound - Rude Boy Republic Legacy - Legacy Baby Come Back - Bathiya Always on my Mind - Deja Vu Here in my Heart- Deja Vu Didn’t Know - Kevin Francke and Shenelle Fernando Down - Wreck Round and Round - Wreck Fly -Wreck Disillusioned but Pretty - Wreck Footboard Feeling - Cancer Captain Zero - Cancer



Young Asia Television Marlon and Mariza at Zone Productions Inc Keerthi and Venom Russell ,Ranga and crew at Take One Ossie Nugara at Pioneer Studios Janaka and the crew at Nishu’s Herby and Annie at Passion Sound Systems DJ’s Tim , Bonnie and Cooltempo , The DJ’s at the Blue , Chapter, Valentino’s, MKOP, the Hut Tariq at Trax for mastering the CD Lucky, Megamusic, CD USA and Toranas Shane Pillai , the man with the plan Suresh and Husni, Brassface, The Creepies , Flame, Distortion, Exodus, Ground Zero and all the other bands that will hopefully appear on the next compilation The DJ’s at Yes Fm, TNL Radio , Capital, SLBC and most of all, to the fans……..keep the faith. Cover art by Shehani Fernando

Brown Boogie Nation

“Lions and Tigers”

Lions and Tigers - and everybody wants to be king of the jungle . Using a sampled beat from Ice-T’s “Original Gangster” album , BBN string together a powerful plea for peace in this shattered pearl. BBN are three ; Choirboy , L’il Hound and Looney Tunez . The first casualty of war is innocence - so don’t lose sight of the path to peace - let violence cease and keep your rage inside don’t unleash the beast.

“Grammys and Oscars”

And the nominees are……..Brown Boogie Nation ! The boys let their imagination run riot on this song about the desire for fame and fortune. Wishful thinking ? Hey, anyone can dream.Billboard….American Music Awards…..here they come……

“Colombo (And it’s All good)”

An anthem for the city by the sea. Homage and props to all the clubs, hangouts, people and attitudes that shape this C-town and make it special . Produced by DJ Tim .

“ Brown and Proud”

All y’all bob your heads to the Brown, the Nation is here and it’s time to get down .....proving that rap isnt just a black thing, it’s a universal medium for people everywhere.

For more information call Subodha on 823414, Nishan on 712935 or Randhir on 585266.

Deja Vu

“Always on my Mind” “Here in my Heart”

Deja Vu make sweet soul music in the latest R&B vein. Influences include……..They comprise Kevin Francke , Shadwell Weerasinghe, Krishan Jayaratnam. For more songs , check out Kevin Francke’s album “The Debut 1996”

For more information call Kevin on 077 303114

Rude Boy Republic

“Freestylee” “Underground Sound”

Rude Boy Republic comprise Asif, Shiraz and Rukshan who mix ragga with hip hop into their dancefloor oriented tunes, with music and production by Mel “Herby” Kent of Passion Sound and Light .

For more information contact Mel on 695223 ,Rukshan on 822657 or Asif on 851371



We heard this at Take One studios one day and were blown away. Power pop with gospel overtones and a haunting message . You are not just a number on a page. You are not just a shadow on a stage. Legacy are Marsh , Lukshan , Seung In , Anushka, , Rajinda , and Indika. Marsh sums up the experience of most of the bands when he says , “ There were long hours in practice and in studios , indecently high expenditure on what seemed like an impossible dream , frustration , elation , and a dictionary full of mixed emotions . Finally , hopefully , by the grace of god we may see the dream take shape ….. “Expect to hear a more fully produced version of this song on the airwaves soon.

For more information call Marsh on 697228


“Down” “Disillusioned but Pretty” “Round and Round” “Fly”

A garage band with a whole bunch of different songwriting influences from Rage Against The Machine to the Bluetones . Wreck comprise Adhil (guitar/vocals on “Disillusioned but Pretty”) , Anil (vocals on “Down” and “Fly”) , O.P. (bass), Ajith(guitar) and afdhel (drums/vocals on “Round and Round”). A garage band who have been recording since 1995, their other singles include “Nightmare”, “The Other Side” and “Phonecall” , on a soon to be released EP “The King of Sunflowers”.

For more information call Anil on 826801


“Footboard Feeling” “Captain Zero”

One of the grandaddies of original music in this country, Cancer have been keeping the flame of rock alive for decades. A loose line up whose core includes Prasanna (vocals/guitar) , Romesh (bass) and Barnes (drums) . “Footboard Feeling” is uniquely Sri Lankan rock with a defiant and funky attitude ; By “Captain Zero” , we have no idea what they mean but we like the groove. You should definitely check out Cancer’s “Case History” album which contains more great songs.

For more information call Prasanna on 574455.


“Baby Come Back”

Mixing ragga into his pop, soulful vocalist Bathiya whips up a storm with “Baby Come Back”, with music and production by veteran performer Dilup Gabudamudalige.

c.. Dynamusic 1997

For more information call Dynamusic on 862996/07865905

Shenelle Fernando and Kevin Francke

Didn’t Know

Expect to hear great things from Shenelle Fernando, a young singer who has a voice that is firmly rooted in contemporay R&B. She is joined by Kevin from Deja Vu.

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