How do I love thee baby ?
Let me count the ways
You're the bee's knees, the
Cream on the cat's whiskers
The hieroglyphics on my pyramid

You make my wheels spin
You make my head turn
I want to make your
Rigging creak in the wind, I
Want to make you inhale every breath
With the sweetness that
Comes from knowing that there
is someone who can make you
laugh, smile, whisper things

Someone who will spin you
Until your dizzy, then kiss you until
you're giddy , then tickle you
until you're giddy with laughter, longing and passion

Crazy like a full moon fox
Howling with the wind
You're the siren that makes my
Sailor head turn, the coal
That makes my furnace burn,
the wheels are turning,
yeah, I'm yearning for you?..

That's how I love you baby
So let's get down to business
Times a wasting...........

- 'Full Moon Fox'

Seed into earth
roots flourish, spread
into the dark

water me, sunlight

entangle me with
the embrace of your

blossom appears

when light meets dark
when water meets earth
the cycle has begun
the reincarnation, the birth

 - 'Dark Earth'

I love you
in hip hop clubs
where the bass
kicks my heart
like a drum

I love you
on the balcony
watching the river
flow past
like a dream
that never ends

I love you
in your red lined coat
at the pub
where the flowers
hang over our heads

I love you
at midnight
as you peer at books
through a shop window
not knowing that
I watch you


  - 'Fragments'

things will not stay
the same, will change
as the days go past

undercurrents of unease
will pull you away
from me, free
is what you will
want to be

I cannot predict
the turns,  the twists
the way the heart moves
nobody knows
nobody knows

But for now it is enough
to lie in your arms
and listen to the sound
of your breath
as it becomes my own.

- 'Breath'

River flow
curve like times arrow

up close you are cold
born of the city's gravity

But from high above
You sing your passage
slow moving and sonorous

Tall ships glide while
small ships slide
over the skin of you

urban blues
the song from your mouth
greys and gree
as the river birds hang
soundless in the sky

Through the dock lands
You make your quiet way
Ever present, invisible
born and reborn
with each turn, each mile.

 - 'Riversong'

And then you dart
from my side
through the side streets

gone in a second

Distracted by some new
sight, new scent, new

Only to return, curiosity
satisfied, no longer

But I like you best
when you are asleep
in bed, beside me

your lips open

your body underlined by the
weave of the sheet

hair curled around your sleeping face

I like you , hummingbird
when you are still
no longer in flight
but at peace

at rest.

  - 'Hummingbird'

I miss the place
where the sky runs free
where I can walk
ankle deep
in fields of green paddy

Roads twist and turn
hugging the curve of a hill
closer than a lover
embracing the loved

Where I can take shelter
under lithe palms
reaching out towards the  sea
enticing it into the safety of the land

Where grey lizards lie on rock
warmed by the noon sun
lazily flicking at flies

Where you can hear
the tinkle of bells on the street
at midnight
when elephants tread softly

Sleep comes quickly
in this sensuous
tropical heat

wrapped around me
like an old lover.

-'Old Love'

Who will spin the webs you spin
As you trace the contours of my heart
Who will feed me the taste of ice
Fingers moving in an art

Who will slowkiss me quick
When I walk into the room
Tell me mad sweet things
lies, half truths ,  confessions

Who will answer the questions I have not asked
Too scared to make a sound
Who will give me the hunger to possess
The oasis of your soul

Let me know the signs I must make
The cabalistic path I must take
The holy ritual, censer and stick
That gains me admittance to your temple

Who can spin the webs you spin
The pure filaments of light
Who will trace the ages of my face
Pouring into me in the deep of the night ?

n Webspinner
n (From 'The Swimmer')

The creak of the cane chair
As you sit next to me in the darkness
heat lightening flashes across the sky

I reach out and hold your hand
You twist it into the shape you like best
Entwine my fingers in yours

The air is cool
The light is grey
We sit and watch the theatre in the sky

When the bolts of lightening flash
I flinch, and you laugh in joy
Now is the time to live

When you touch my back , my neck, my head
my body  shivers in deliciousness
swallow me , fold me into your limbs
Till I can't tell mine from yours

All the things that make me halfsmile
All the things that make you sigh

- 'Quartet/Colombo'

 We stand together on the first tee
The rolling fairways stretched in shadow
bathed in the early moonlight
My jacket around your shoulders
My arms around your waist
My lips on your cheek
The smell of your hair

Living is easy when you do it by the numbers
But when you do it by the letters
It becomes infinitely more terrifying
And infinitely more exciting

I am not some  moth
Drawn by your incandescent flame
It is simpler than that ,
No astral force to blame

The coming together of the two
An accidental brushing of the lips
That leads to sweetness and warmth
Two bodies lying , two mouths talking
In the early morning
Secrets shared , truths  bared
Confessions made straight from the heart

We drive to the edge of the mountain
And stand looking at the constellation
Anxious to see the wandering star
That falls like a stone
a trail of sparks that disappear faster
than I can say your name

Now is the time to live
- Quartet/Nuwara Eliya'

Your naked body is silhouetted against
The bare boards of the wooden floor
As you tread softly to the window and
look at the quiet square below the window

The line of your back
As you lean out , hiding
your skin with the curtain

the sunrippled lake outside
around which we walked the night before
and saw the floating statue of Buddha
levitating solemnly in the night sky
supported by the forces of faith

I would love to linger
and share the moment for infinity
captured in the lens of your camera

if only  we could disappear into the pictures
whenever we felt like it
take a magic carpet ride into the celluloid
leave the rest behind

- 'Quartet/Kandy'

 Walk into the sand with me
Hold my hand as we brave the surf
I want to disappear into the water
Fighting it , feeling it mold against me

Lying down as the waves roll around us
Lazily looking at the arc of the sun
as the fisherman dry their nets by their boats

I've never needed this before
I've always wanted this
I don't need this anymore
I will always desire
my mouth dry

Everybody has the dream
like a tattoo that has long been forgotten
invisible to the mind
but not to the soul

when something exists in the limbo
between birth and being
it defies the definition
eradicates the exposition

two roads travel side by side
grazing tangentially , mathematically
and then at an  unseen turn in the road
touch and become one

breathe in the peace
the world has gone away
it will not disturb us
Now is the time to live.
- ' Quartet/Galle'

Last night I walked on to the jetty that
pointed like a finger
into the heart of China Bay

Away from the noise of the party
away from the clink of bottles
and the sound of laughter

Not sure of what I was looking for
But willing to commit my search
to the guide of the moonless night

And standing on that
crumbling jetty, iron pilings
and the smell of long-caught fish

I looked up and saw the mirrored sky
stars embedded into the blackness
a thousand galaxies or more
reflected into the still waters
of the Indian Ocean around me.

My breath slowed in my throat
as I stood and stared
alone in my private universe

Sometimes the answers you find
are for the questions you haven't
even asked as yet.

 - 'China Bay Blues'

Remember me for the man I was
loud and confident inside
Remember me for the way lived
with love, laughter and pride

When I no longer rattle through
this cosmos with my mouth
Let the memories linger
Let the reminisces come out

Do not forget our secrets shared
Do not forget the tales I told
Keep safe the days gone by
When we were young, wild and bold

I will not forget the way we
danced upon this green earth
I will see you in your next life
I will see you in my next birth

 - "Requiem"