The creak of the cane chair
As you sit next to me in the darkness
heat lightening flashes across the sky

I reach out and hold your hand
You twist it into the shape you like best
Entwine my fingers in yours

The air is cool
The light is grey
We sit and watch the theatre in the sky

When the bolts of lightening flash
I flinch, and you laugh in joy
Now is the time to live

When you touch my back , my neck, my head
my body  shivers in deliciousness
swallow me , fold me into your limbs
Till I can't tell mine from yours

All the things that make me halfsmile
All the things that make you sigh

Take my hand,  feel the pulse in my wrist
quicken with the kiss
Now I now the meaning of the word 'swoon'

to fall deep and pleasurably into your lips
to explore the curve of your mouth
the snake of your tongue, probing

my conscious keeps me here, this planet
your mouth, your smile, your smell
lifts me away
for a moment at least

For this moment
I am a heropsychodreamer
I am a loverfighterpoet

Now is the time to live

Nuwara Eliya

We stand together on the first tee
The rolling fairways stretched in shadow
bathed in the early moonlight
My jacket around your shoulders
My arms around your waist
My lips on your cheek
The smell of your hair

Living is easy when you do it by the numbers
But when you do it by the letters
It becomes infinitely more terrifying
And infinitely more exciting

I am not some extraordinary moth
Drawn by your incandescent flame
It is simpler than that ,
No astral force to blame

The coming together of the two
An accidental brushing of the lips
That leads to sweetness and warmth
Two bodies lying , two mouths talking
In the early morning

Secrets shared , truths  bared
Confessions made straight from the heart

We drive to the edge of the mountain
And stand looking at the constellation
Anxious to see the wandering star
That falls like a stone
a trail of sparks that disappear faster
than I can say your name

Unsheathed, my defences are down
the rapiers are in the scabbard
defenceless, invade my battlements

I will be won over with ease

Now is the time to live .

Your naked body is silhouetted against
The bare boards of the wooden floor
As you tread softly to the window and
look at the quiet square below the window

The line of your back
As you lean out , hiding
your modesty with the curtain

the sunrippled lake outside
around which we walked the night before
and saw the floating statue of Buddha
levitating solemnly in the night sky
supported by the forces of faith

I would love to linger
and share the moment for infinity
captured in the lens of your camera
if only  we could disappear into the pictures
whenever we felt like it
take a magic carpet ride into the celluloid
leave the rest behind

will you come and dance with me ?
the orchestra will play what we want
You are the queen after all
and I am the fool who has been captured
cap, bells and all.

Will you come and sing with me ?
Flatten out the dischords as we race
through the valleys and the peaks below
high above the crowds and the clouds

At the pink mosque on the hill
I pray at the grave of the saint
while the pigeons pose for you outside
I say a silent prayer for everyone I know

protects the believer and the innocent
if a few stolen hours is all we have
then I will take it and run
for now is the time to live


Walk into the sand with me
Hold my hand as we brave the surf
I want to disappear into the water
Fighting it , feeling it mould against me

Lying down as the waves roll around us
lazily looking at the arc of the sun
as the fisherman dry their nets by their boats

I've never needed this before
I've always wanted this
I don't need this anymore
I will always desire
my mouth dry……..

Everybody has the dream
like a tattoo that has long been forgotten
invisible to the mind
but not to the soul

It's all the same in the end

when something exists in the limbo
between birth and being
it defies the definition
eradicates the exposition

two roads travel side by side
touching tangentially , mathematically
and then at an  unseen turn in the road
touch and become one

our friends are all around us
the music is in my head
and the ghostdreams have taken a night off

breathe in the peace
the world has gone away
it will not disturb us

Now is the time to live.

for s.