afdhel aziz

afdhel aziz is a Sri Lankan journalist, radio DJ  and TV producer.

He runs @d Infinitum, an advertising and multi-media company

and Colombo Tribe Records, a music and entertainment company.

He's also written plays, musicals , poetry and short stories,

some of which is listed below. This page is always under 

construction which explains it's half-assed state.  Otherwise enjoy

and feel free to email me your comments  !

Professional and other links

Interactive Investor UK: Afdhel edits this site
Young Asia Television: An introduction to Asia's Alternative TV !!!
TNL Radio Live: Hear Sri Lanka's Number One Station and Make your own International Email Request !!!!
The Sunday Times: Sri Lanka's best weekly paper
HIMAL South Asia Magazine : South Asia's news and culture magazine
The Shehani Fernando Gallery : Sri Lankan Photographer Shehani Fernando's Homepage
Explore Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka's best tourist magazine
Business as Usual humour column - Business Today: Sri Lanka's Premier Business Magazine
The Carl Muller Homepage: Homepage of Sri Lankan Author Carl Muller
He Said - Explore Sri Lanka: Humour Column
Colombo Tribe Records Homepage: Sri Lanka's newest record company!
@d infinitum Homepage: Creative Media Services
Kro's homepage: Y'all know who Kro is....
London School of Economics Media Msc. and Communications: Student Information
Media Solutions: Sri Lanka's First Digital Workshop
Afdhel Aziz in Hong Kong for Handover 1997:
Procter and Gamble: At the moment I work at P&G so this is technically corporate cyber-schmoozing.....
My personal Hall of Fame: If you had a dinner party at the end of the world, who would you invite ?

afdhel's stuff

Love and Other Demons: Poetry
Gravity: Poetry
Jazz : Poetry
Wreck Homepage: Sri Lanka's Greatest Unknown Rock Band !!!
Backstage - A musical : Original script and lyrics
Favourite links page : More great links !
Bored: An original four act play
Bored - Part 2: Bored - continued
Harlem - A Short Story :
The House on the Corner - Another short story:
Bon Jovi Predicted Diana's Death!!: Read all about it !!

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